First bounce

I am Nicola Walls, an architect with Page \ Park in Glasgow, where I lead our Arts and Culture team. I have been at this practice for nearly twenty years – remaining so long due to the enviable range of projects I have been lucky enough to work on – and more importantly the fantastic people I have been lucky enough to encounter on the way.

Basically working at Page \ Park on arts and culture projects feeds my soul.

I consider myself immensely fortunate that my hobbies and interests have become my job – when not at work I can be found mooching around galleries or taking in a show, my holidays involve trips to the Biennale or a stay in Edinburgh during the Festival.

I have always loved the arts – from a young girl super excited to see Royal Ballet’s The Nutcracker at the Theatre Royal Newcastle, through to my teenage years of eventually bunking off so many PE lessons I was granted ‘special status’ of extra art classes (hurray!). At university I coupled my architectural studies with the History of Art, embraced every dancing society and style going, and supplemented my meagre student grant by making and selling jewellery.  I simply now cannot imagine a life that doesn’t revolve around my visual and performing arts interests.

Fortunately my husband Brian Inkster also shares this love of arts – and also is a bit of a dab hand at how to use social media to promote business interests.

Over recent years I have watched how he has embraced the use of social media to not only find clients and win new work, but also engage in specialist debate, and I have been asking myself why I have held back in following suit…? Surely with over twenty years in practice and fourteen years being totally immersed in cultural projects, I now have something interesting to say.

The Page \ Park website did not seem an appropriate vehicle to relay more personal thoughts and so I have decided to take up the challenge of committing to blog – to become more discursive, and perhaps more provocative – in a forum that allows me to air, hopefully, well considered views relating to art, life and architecture.

I do hope you will forgive my novice status in the weeks that follow and bear with me whilst I find my voice in this new forum.

Welcome to Bouncing off Walls – I hope you will bounce ideas and thoughts with me.


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